Whoop whoop

And finally….. on Tuesday this week our cases finally came home! They’d been on holiday in Dubai, managed to visit Singapore (despite us not!) and even had a city break down in London before a road trip back home. we hope THEY had a good time!

Despite being TSA locks on both, the locks have been cut off and our cases clearly opened and looked through. Begs the question of the benefit of TSA locks…nothing looks missing, yet but I’ve not unpacked…yet.

Yet another complaint raised to Emirates now for ruined cases.

And finally, the opening greeting from the delivery driver as he beamed at Mr Fogg from the van “Hi mate, did you forget to collect yer cases then?”

Tee bloody hee.

Left Hand Meet Right Hand

Welcome to that well known airline currently playing where’s wally with our cases. Latest and greatest just leaves you mind boggled…….

On Thursday Heathrow airport made contact to say one bag had arrived, can you come get it. Nope send it to us or somewhere within less than 200miles! Ah but no sign of the other case.

The airline’s own web tracker is showing one case delivered to London and the rest of the team scouring the world to find the other (yeh right).

On Saturday the central airline team then emailed us to asking us to confirm we had received our luggage, which was met with a polite NO!

Bali Airport then reached out on Sunday confirming a case was sent to London and we need to collect it, which was met with a less polite, “Are You Having a Laugh”. Closely followed by Bali asking for our address and nearest airport to direct the luggage, then followed by “can you send photos of your luggage, so we can find where it is at present”, if I could do that I would already have my sodding luggage!!! Then followed by can you now complete this form detailing the exact contents of each case so they can start to looking for the cases in Bali that they say are now in London!

Cue latest from Heathrow, apparently both cases are with a courier to deliver on Tuesday, closely followed by yet another email from Bali apologizing and advising luggage will now go to my address in Manchester airport!!


Yes, No, Maybe

The saga of the lost/not lost luggage continues….

After having got excited at seeing the pics of our bags in Singapore we’ve been emailing the baggage team back to ask about next steps. Still silence. And then, an update on the Emirates app:

Your bags are on the flight from Dubai to London which will arrive 9 May. Due to customs you might need to collect in person.

London?? From Dubai? But we have a picture showing us they are in Singapore, and we live nowhere near London

Cue an online chat with the Emirates customer service team:

Me: hi, we are a little confused why our bags are being sent to London from Dubai when they are apparently in Singapore and we live nowhere near London

Emirates: you live in the UK right?

Me: yes

Emirates: London then

Me: why can’t we get them to Manchester where we flew from?

Emirates: oh that’s a good idea, ok I’ll email someone and ask

Me: so are the bags now in Dubai? If the update says they fly to London on the 9th May won’t it already be scheduled?

Emirates: don’t know, I’ve emailed the team

Me: which team?

Emirates: a baggage team somewhere

Me: so how do we get an accurate update?

Emirates: I’ve emailed the baggage team so they will update you

Me: the same baggage team we have been emailing for 3 days with no replies

Emirates: I don’t know, I’m just back office, I have an email address and I’ve done my bit

Me: so do we have any estimated update time?

Emirates: nope

Me: that’s not very helpful. So to clarify, you don’t know if the bags are now in Dubai, the mythical baggage team somewhere are sending the bags to London on the 9th May but you’ve emailed said mythical team to ask them to send them to Manchester instead. The app is wrong with the incorrect update but you don’t know when this will be updated and we need to now wait?

Emirates: yes

Me: so who updates the app details? And what happens next?

Emirates: the baggage team who sort sending the bags do all the app updates and someone in Manchester will contact you when the bags are there

Me: the same baggage team who have the bags in Singapore – who have updated the app to tell us they are being sent on the 9th May from Dubai to London

Emirates: yes

Me: so no one really knows what’s going on then?

Emirates: can I assist with anything else today madam?

Me: well no based on this but….

Emirates closes chat rapidly

Once I Was Lost And Now I Am Found

Well it’s been a fantastic ride, but it had to end sometime.

The nice baggage man at Bali emailed our owners (a.k.a mummy and daddy) to check they had finally received us norty little cases, tee hee cos no they ain’t.

But here we are sat back in Changi Airport Singapore just waiting to be claimed, so all mummy and daddy have to do now is buy a £1300 plane ticket each to come to Singapore and collect us, failing that it’s the great British Royal Snail Mail via moped, dinghy and choo choo all the way home (see you in 2027 then).

It is true, after Emirare “not losing” our luggage in Dubai, not cancelling the connecting flight to Singapore and not “not” marking the bags as lost for 4 days originally, 19 days later they are actually in the connecting location of Singapore. Great to see the well oiled Emirates machine with no idea where they are (yup the app still claims that they are “busy” looking for our luggage).

Fancy a trip…..

OMG!! This morning Mr Fogg received an email from a Customer service manager at Singapore…..oh yes our cases turned up in Singapore and are sat at the baggage collection area.

Very helpfully the customer service manager asked Mr Fogg for our onward address – we think he assumed it would be in Singapore so guess what happened when Mr Fogg provided our UK address and asked if they can confirm they will send them…….


It’s a start though so we are patiently waiting for a further update! So our cases have indeed been on holiday in Singapore (unlike us). We hope they are having a nice time.

Now if the airline wants to buy us flights to Singapore and back to collect said luggage, we don’t mind.

However, about that compensation……we’ve not finished on that one.

1.6 million seconds

It’s 19 days since we last saw our cases. Just saying…..

In other words: it’s either been

  • 1,641,600 seconds 
  • 27,360 minutes 
  • 456 hours
  • 2 weeks and 5 days
  • 5.19% of 2024

We hope they are having a nice holiday

Let battle commence

This morning was spent mostly scanning receipts and crafting a 7 page letter of complaint to Emirates. Yes you read that correctly – 7 pages explaining the full timeline of our experiences, feedback and what we want them to do about it. when we write a letter of complaint then WE really do complain.

Complaint now sent, let’s see what happens. don’t hold your breath now!

In other news, regarding the suitcases…….oh silly me, there IS no news. They are still missing, Emirates are, according to their online tracker, still trying to find them.

In our imagination there’s an army of people diligently looking…

But in reality we suspect just this….

Those two little words…

And let the fun begin on trying to recoup out of pocket expensive on our trip following the Emirates mess.

First step was calling our tour operator Kuoni. In fairness their on call duty lady (lovely Amy who I could have hugged when I first spoke to her in the 7 hour queue in Dubai) sorted our hotel in Dubai calmly and was really helpful. However the call when we returned – while also caring and kind pretty much went along the lines of:

Me: hi yes we have had a very expensive holiday ruined as a result of flights cancelled and being stranded in Dubai for 4 nights

Kuoni: ah yes that’s truly awful, and lost luggage, oh you poor things

Me: so we need to start recouping lost bookings for cancelled hotel rooms (you know that very expensive 5 star one in Singapore) and cancelled flights. Can you help

Kuoni: oh not really. Force Majeure.

Me: Erm, we get that if the flood happened while we were en route. BUT it happened before we even left Manchester. We even checked online – all flights were showing on time, Dubai was publically saying open for business. Surely Kuoni and Emirates knew we were about to walk into chaos.

Kuoni: well it is a once in 75 year event. Force Majeure. We can’t really help so call Emirates and that’s why you have travel insurance

Me: oh thank you so much for that. (smiles sweetly while grinding teeth)

In fairness they are refunding some bits like taxis, did sort a hotel when Emirates could not be bothered and they have offered to help chase Emirates on our luggage. But seriously….

Good job I’m married to an expert letter writer and complainer. Oh Mr Fogg………. ….

Get Ready To RRRRumble

After 17hrs in the air and the debacle that was “your luggage is here, oh no it’s not, oh yes it is”, we landed in Manchester.

First stop, luggage claim to see where our bags are now, “err no we don’t recognise that claim reference that is an Emirates specific number”, “you are in the UK and need a UK reference now”, “so your claim date starts from today not when it was lost.“

“So does that mean you know where our luggage is”, “well yes of course, it’s in an airport”, “which one”, “oh we don’t know that!“

“How do we get it back”, “have you tried calling Dubai or Bali airport to see if it’s there”, “isn’t that your job as a lost luggage officer”, “no, not really. Next Customer!“

Let battle commence