My Name’s Gym

As part of our New Year, New You the Foggy Gym is open for business, multi-gym, bench press and incline rower/ ab machine and a padded floor. The only thing left is an upright punch bag.

New Year New You

‘Tis 2020 no more of this

But plenty strenuous exercise in the Foggy Gym, with the latest bit of kit, this incline bench, rower, ab cruncher thingy

And all this exercise is done under the watchful eye of Miss Willow

Feel that Burn!

Bye Bye Chrimbo

So the festivities are all done and dusted, the trees are down and the decorations are away for another year and two hours of taking down the 4,250 twinkle lights from the garden (and disposing of 114 batteries) and it looks depressing now!

Yup here is the garden now

Going Retro

Ahhhhhh, when we were in Bisby last decade we stopped at an awesome 1950s caravan park in a super duper Airstream Deluxe (which is a 1950s caravan). Whilst we were there they had a 1950s BoobTube that only played 1950s B movies and it had a record deck with a plethora of records from the 1950s (hold your horses I’m getting to the point). Now for you bloody Millenials that is clueless to what a cassette tape is (let alone looks like) a record deck spins a big black plastic disc at 33RPM (that’s spinny things per minute to you) and a needle picks up the pits and rises on the the black plastic disc to create sound (yes there is a history to sound before Spotiface or Wavel).

So the point of this piffle is that Mrs Fogg got me a retro record deck for Christmas and has continued to get me records (1950s, early 60s and other things such as The Eagles, Big Lebowski and Rocky Horror) to play on my spinny disc thingy. I am officially in hog heaven, you see my first record deck cost me £10 from a car boot sale, £5 amplifier (it boosts the sounds from the record spinny thingy to the speakers kiddies) and £70 Mission 70 speakers (the total of which was 2 weeks salary at that time). It’s a real blast to the past.

And no “hey Siri’s or Alexa” don’t work on this bad boy! (and yes Mrs Fogg tried telling it to skip tracks).

A New Decade

With a bunch of drunks! Awesome night at the Star, with food and drink and then sat around a fire pit watching fireworks and drinking BaileyCham or was it ChampiBail? Well whatever it’s called Champagne and Baileys in the same glass is definitely different and alcofrolic.

Happy New Year to you all, now I’m off to sleep

Capitol Gift

For Christmas Mr Fogg bought me a model of Capitol Hill to build. Since we are going there next October it was a perfect present.

It took me a day and a half to build it. Super fun and cool. What to do next then… of course the only option is dramatic photo shoot with Lego Mr Fogg in the foreground.

I’ve Bond’s Lego Aston Martin to build next.

Christmas Workout

5.30am rise to open prezzies oh yes and a womble round the garden with the cat at 7am to watch the sunrise on another beautiful Christmas Day.

So what do you get the woman who has everything, well something for her fitness regime of course, finger dumbbells! Cos you never know when you will need a strong finger.

As for me, when I was a nipper all I ever wanted was a stretch Armstrong for Christmas or my birthday and one year I got a box that looked just like it, so I excitedly ripped the box open to find a microscope and not the toy of my dream. Mrs Fogg tracked one down and it’s awesome!

Fuss me….now

It’s impossible to exercise when Willow decides she needs a fuss. Ignore her at your peril Mr Fogg, she has a mean fart….

After a hectic workout, time to sleep

Too much chocolate is bad for your elf!