Oh Yes it’s HallowScream time again. 5 awesome horror houses and one screaming Mrs Fogg

Gym Bunnie

It only took us 3 hours to build and not a single cross word between us and now we have our own Multigym

A night at the theatre…

Followed by a morning in the rain and a visit to the Lego store.

Time to leave London and head home. Perhaps via a bookshop…..

But now we have two hours on the train with a group of 4 pretend posh muppets getting slowly drunk and talking about the most inane and boring tripe going (how to squeeze whiteheads before they become blackheads, how my dog likes to chew things, Gerald remember Gerald, I have to get my hairdresser to come out I used to go to west row but my water is rubbish, we have a barn, blah blah blah).

Embarrassing Moments

All packed and ready to check-out of the hotel, but rather than lug our bags across NodNol, Mrs Fogg declares we should leave them in the room after spotting the check-out time on the card says ten past one since we checked in at ten past twelve. So she called reception just to confirm and a rather smug receptionist had to point out that this is the departure date, not the time, 13.10 being the 13th of October and not the time.

Oh boy!

Downside Up Patio

It’s almost 2 years since we moved into the “Field with a House” and boy have we done a lot to it. This week managed to get the patio and field stairs replaced, remembering of course that the previous owners actually had the patio laid upside down (no idea why), all of the steps were starting to crack and tons of awful pea gravel.

So weeks of disruption and it’s done, the right way up

The before

The Inbetween

And The After

Oh and we’ve also chopped down the bush at the top and put a fence in.

And that’s that for year 2!

Simply Awesome

A weekend in that there NodNol to see Noises Off. I saw this stage show some 27 years ago and it has not aged at all, it is laugh out loud funny and so worth seeing

A River Runs Through It

We now almost have a finished patio and the stairs have now gone in preparation of their replacement. The downside, they have taken the old steps away and not started the new ones just at the point the heavens are gonna open.

Get ready for the new waterfall and swimming pool!

Last of the warmth

Ahh boo. Last day and sat at the airport. We were heading to the airport lounge but the bloomin thing is “temporarily closed” so we had to buy a drink. Just look at that T-Shirt!!!!

Well, what a trip:

2,026 miles

Circa $225 in gas.

16 nights

4 States

Highest temperature 49 degrees centigrade

Lowest temperature 7 degrees centigrade

Highest point 7,000 feet

Funkiest place – Jerome

Best accommodation – Shady Dell RVs

Number of Harley stores visited – 8

Number of museums – 5

Number of local IPA beers tried – 5

Longest drive – 5 hrs (with stops)

Most expensive hotel (£229) – Sedona

Cheapest hotel (£40) – Laughlin

Number of Harley T-shirts – way too many to count!!

Number of Walmart’s – 3

Number of meals that serve vegetables (or anything that resembles healthy green stuff) – 0

Number of observatories visited -1

Number of US customs checkpoints crossed (while still in Arizona we might add)- 6

(number of border walls – 0)

Number of fire pits enjoyed – 1

Number of days exercised either in room or gym – 12

Number of days in flip flops -16

Worst meal – Kestrel Cafe, Tucson, AZ (yuck, yuck, Philly Steak Sandwich which came out as a stew in a roll)

Biggest surprise – southern Arizona is a haven for hummingbirds

We have driven some amazing roads and spent the majority of time in Arizona cutting through some very different scenery.

Number of hours left to travel home – 22

A Full Circle

We spent the last night HERE

So this is us in Boulder City, 30 miles from the airport for the return tomorrow (boo) and the flight is already showing as delayed. We’ve done a full circuit round Arizona, touching Nevada, New Mexico and California, awesome.

Good to know when you go into a hotel

So now a womble round Boulder and time for grub

Williams 2019

Chilling around HERE

Temperatures here are a chill 33 during the day and 7, yes you read it right 7 degrees on a night time.

We love this little town, beautiful, quiet and with a wonderful vibe to it. Such a cool place.

Not too sure of the services this motel offers tho.

And if all caravans looked like the American Airstreams, I would definitely buy one.

Oh look, Mrs Fogg’s got a bear behind (childish but fun)