Welcome Home

Back to dear ole Blighty, power out at Gatwick station, people trapped in lifts, no lights, no information boards and all the station are worried about is the barriers are open so anyone can walk in!

Welcome Home to a G20 country

Almost Over

The last full day at The East Winds in St. Lucia, more champagne, more glorious food and more baking hot sunshine. A day of lazing by the pool then before freezing cold Blighty.

Waiting for Service at the Swim Up Bar

Christmas Crap Fayre

St. Lucian Styleeee Here

Sorry but most Christmas Crap Fayres are exactly that, stalls of tat that no-one wants or needs. Let’s step it up a notch and go on a coach to Sandals Golf Resort to see 60 stalls of utter tat that no-one wants and to have to sit here for two and a half hours. Oh My God!

Bored much! How about a game of hide the ketchup.

back then to the hotel for BBQ lunch and chill out with breathtaking views

Private Dining

As part of the Anniversary we arranged a private dining experience in our own gazebo by the sea with our own waiter service and amazing food. It was superb

Celebration of 65 Years

It was The Folks 50th yesterday and our 15th today.

A chance to have a womble into Castries to see the diamonds and some blooming big boats, with some even bigger occupants.

Today some more chilling, 3 meals per day and copious champagne, cocktails and wine.

50years and still smiling

A Floating City

Chillin With The Local Brew

Top Banana

Awww Happy 15th Mrs Hot Fogg

Out Cruisin

As part of the anniversary treats we also arranged a sunset cruise on a catamaran, with the obligatory glass or 8 of champagne

There goes the sun

Waiting patiently for mor champoo

Our Secret Hideaway

Snow Angels Anyone


Awesome Wine

St. Lucia

We’re Here

A wonderful flight and the chance to see the Folks (Pops and HuskyVoice) happy and speechless flying business class in a reclining “bed/seat”, with the staff bringing them champagne and baileys constantly and then instead of the 2 hour cramped taxi ride to the hotel Mrs Fogg arranges a 10 minute helicopter ride. It was like seeing kids in a candy store (mind you HuskyVoice is too short to make the chopper steps without an arse shove!).

And tonight a nice relaxing meal by the sea with excellent service and amazing food.

Tomorrow is some of that there chillin in 31 degrees of heat by the pool with a swim up bar.