Not content with seeing a personal trainer each week- which is fab!! (I can now bicep curl 7kg woo) I realised I’m not really doing much cardio.

Cue then the Couch to 5k app and an attempt to do more cardio. Day 1 and after 20 mins of following the apps instructions it helpfully informs me that I managed 8 minutes of running. Super then! Good job I’m not out of breath and shattered after that – oh wait, yes I am, and hungry too.

I’ve also got a teeny 15 day challenge to have a go at too. Day 1 is all 3 sets. Nailed it!!

Don’t Even Ask

I actually have no idea why Mrs Fogg is walking round with kitchen towel on her feet and she couldn’t explain it for laughing. Hobo springs to mind

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Cinco de Mayo oh My

May 5th and time to virtually celebrate the Mexican defeat of France in Pueblo 1862, also known as any chance to party, drink and dress up and boy did the Folks surpass themselves. Such good fun, your prize is on its way.

And the evening was topped off with Mrs Fogg’s world famous chicken tacos plus some shop bought refried beans (which come out of the can looking like dog chow and no doubt will not change in texture for the rest of their journey).

The Flying Rats

We put an archway in the garden last July and this year the bloody pigeons have used it as their crapping post. Not to be outdone by these dirty buggers we have now superglued pigeon spikes onto the archway. Crap on that if you dare!

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50 Shrubs planted

All done, another border dug, one small circle dug.

The garden is looking lovely although cutting the grass will be much harder.

Our fruit trees are taking shape too – pears starting to form, and the lilac this year is lovely and scented.

We even got chance to enjoy a little sunshine

Fuss me! Ooh look, birdies!


When Working From Home means little Willow has to join in by having one of her many baskets in the study as well, just to keep an eye on the workers

OOO Me Plums

Mrs Fogg planted a Plum Tree last year and oh yes look at my plums

And here is Mrs Fogg’s Fairy Garden with my little fairy lights, so pretty (shh don’t tell her I have another 16 of these bad boys arriving to guide the planes in to land if we ever get any of course).

And of course the lights in The Fogg Cabin

Obstacle Course Anyone?

“More borders to have to swerve around???” Yup.

Meet our latest border. Located on the site of a giant glass pit where some shed or outhouse must have been raised to the ground, complete with glass windows, terracotta plant pots, wood frames, bricks and boulders. Still, despite having glass soil, it makes a pretty border.